Order Today for Warped Tour 2016!



Atlantic Avenue at Warped Tour 2011

Just a friendly reminder to get your artwork ready and order Scrims, Merch Tents, and more to be ready for Warped Tour 2016. We can work with you to create a Custom Stage Set that will set you apart from the other bands! We’re working to update the ordering process on our website, but you can easily email [email protected] or call 608.769.4846 to get started today.


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Warped Tour

There For Tomorrow with their EC Scrims on Warped '11

Summer is fast approaching, and that means Summer Festival season. The summer is full of tons of great festivals, one of the main touring festivals being the Vans Warped Tour. We love the Warped Tour, we grew up going to Warped Tour as kids, and we have worked with many Warped artists over the years.

This year, we are thrilled to announce that we’re offering discount package pricing to all Warped Tour artists! No endorsements to qualify for, no strings attached – just savings from $70 to $300 on our most popular set ups for Warped Tour artists. These are products that have remained tried & true summer after summer, and relied upon by Warped Tour artists for years. You can click on the Warped Tour Packages tab on the top left navigation, or you can can take a look here.

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Merch Tents

Merch Tents for the Vans Warped Tour

Merch Tents for the Vans Warped Tour

Excited to announce that our Merch Tents are now up on our site! We’ve been doing Merch Tents for years now, but they didn’t go live with the rest of the site. They’re up now, so check them out here or on the product navigation to the left.

We’re putting together a Summer Festival package, so all our friends on the Warped Tour and other similar summer festivals can get their Merch Tent along with Scrims or other EC products at a discounted rate! We’ll post all the info soon, but you can email us at [email protected] or call us at +1 (608) 519-0316 with any questions before then.

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Ampeg Restoration

As our Misc / More page states, we get a wealth of random, unique projects on a regular basis that don’t really fall within a ‘normal’ product line. One of the more recent projects we had the awesome opportunity to work on was the repair and restoration of a ’73 Ampeg V-4 and ’70’s B25B cabinet. A solid combination for a gorgeous vintage bass tone, and extremely rough states for both pieces of gear! The cabinet was actually a cab we had sitting around the shop. It was the first cabinet I bought as a kid, and I’ve had it laying around ever since I blew the speakers a decade ago. I bought it in the 7th grade from my friend’s older brother for $50 along with a solid state Crate head. I’m sure the tone I got from that setup was a joke at best, but it was loud! And when your bass is covered in stickers and hanging at your calves, what else matters?

The head was brought to us by a client and friend of ours, and was a head that he used as a kid. What better home for my old cab than to be restored and paired up with a V-4 from the same era? It was an easy decision, and our client immediately got on board with the project. The head had been sitting in a garage for 15+ years, but it fired up – give or take a power tube – right away and sounded surprisingly gorgeous! It wasn’t until we opened it up that we found out it had become a wonderful home for generations of mice. With wires chewed raw and the chassis packed absolutely full of filth, we’re extremely lucky that the head didn’t catch on fire. I have never seen a piece of gear in such a horrible state, but the craziest aspect was that it still worked in this condition! Unreal. Good job Ampeg, your gear can withstand a decade and a half of neglect and rodent abuse.

The head had been modded substantially somewhere along the line. You can see from the photo that all the caps have all been replaced, and they added a bias control and a few other unique mods. I have to attribute those mods as the independent variable in the amazing tone, as I had a ’74 V-4B a couple years ago that I shortly sold for it’s lack of desirable tone. But this V-4 – with is originally a guitar head, and I guessing someone performed these mods to get a great bass tone out of it – sounds nothing like my V-4B did, and in the best way. I would have loved to keep this rig, but at some point you have to be professional and let your growing business and family trump wonderful tone. Such is life, I suppose.

After the six weeks it took to properly clean and re-wire the head, we stripped both the head and cab. The cab had a very important message carved into it (see photos) under the tolex, so it must have already been re-tolex once. I don’t know Courtnie Schitskie, but I’m assuming she inspired some great songs. The cab and head were both extremely solid still, so we didn’t have to re-glue or reset anything. The full restoration included all new tubes, new Eminence 15″ drivers, new factory-black tolex on the head and cab, new faceplate, and new vintage-spec silver grill cloth. We reused the knobs, corners, handles and badges to keep a real vintage feel on the rig, especially since this rig is going to be a player’s rig. This isn’t going to sit on display, and has many more years ahead of it to get naturally relic’d all over again. Maybe we’ll get the chance to restore it again someday!

A great project, and a ton of fun for all of us at EC. If you have a random project, get in touch with us and see what we can do!

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Road Cases

One of our Favorite Road Case Orders

Another Favorite Road Case Order

We’ve had many inquires lately about our Road Cases. We’re flattered that people continue to pursue us for their Road Case needs, but EC Stage Art is no longer building ATA Custom Road Cases.

Cases were so much fun to create, design, and fabricate. I had the time of my life learning how to build a good case, and finding out what makes a good case great. But, going forward we have decided to focus on our Custom Stage Art products exclusively, and therefore are no longer making Road Cases.

The main thing that makes dropping Road Cases from our product line so easy is that we have someone solid to refer all our clients to: Response Custom Drums. Response recently purchased our Road Case division, and they are an extremely solid company. They’re great friends of ours who are actually located in the same city as EC. Great guys, and the only people I am confident will carry on our top-quality builds and outstanding customer service.

If you have any Road Case needs or inquires, you can get in touch with them directly, or visit their website.

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New Name

EC's New Name & New Logo

We’ve had some confusion, or at least questions, pertaining to our new name. EC Stage Art was known as Eloquent Creative for the first several years we were in business. However, it didn’t take long for us to realize that Eloquent Creative is hard to spell, and that two adjectives don’t make a very good name. Also, we just got sick of typing out ‘@eloquentcreative.com’ for our email address. Plus, Twitter names are limited to 15 characters.

I could on and on about why Eloquent Creative was a poor name choice, but the fact remains that we are now EC Stage Art. Most of our clients called us EC from the start, and so we just followed their lead. I guess FedEx actually went by Federal Express for decades before they caught on that everyone called them FedEx.

Regardless of what our name may be, our goal hasn’t changed. We are still here to cater to musicians by helping them further express themselves through the creative and practical application of artwork on stage. That’s something that won’t ever change. Here’s to the future!

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